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Discover new music and artists, listen to your favorite songs and curated playlists, and earn $RHYTHM while doing it.

With Rhythm Music, you can sing along with lyrics view, find new music by seeing what your friends are listening to, and listen to playlists created for every occasion.

The World’s Largest Music Library

YouTube, the most extensive video sharing system, is at your service. Pick from a library of over 100 million tracks, including music videos, podcasts and more. With more content added every minute, it's more music than you could listen to in a lifetime.


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Rhythm Free



Enjoy a free experience of listening and communicating with your friends and followers!

Full access to the entire YouTube Library.

No song skip limitations.

Create a playlist or try one curated by other members of the community.

1 month of free premium on sign-up.

Stay up to date with your favourite artists and their new releases.

Separate your music from your YouTube account.

Listen to music and earn 1 $RHYTHM per minute of music streamed.

Rhythm Premium


$3.00 $0 USD-/month

Enjoy unlimited access to all of Rhythm's features. Premium will remain free during Beta testing.

Stream ad-free music and music videos.

Create up to 100 playlists (Free users can create 30).

No limitation to the amount of songs you can add to a playlist.

Premium tag applied to your profile.

Blue glow around profile picture (Free users have a white glow).

Edit music metadata.

Listen to music and earn up to 30 $RHYTHM per minute of music streamed.



Phase 1

Rhythm Wallet Connect / Hub release.

Rhythm Windows Beta (64 bit) release.

Rhythm Windows Beta (32 bit) release.

Update patch note and about page.

Gather user feedback and fix any bugs found.

Rhythm macOS Beta release.

Enable Rhythm holder wallet perks.

Rebrand BeatPlaylist to Rhythm.

Release first Rhythm reward.

Take user feedback from the previous month and implement new features.

Enable Trust Wallet support on the Rhythm Hub.

Update Rhythm Hub.

Phase 2

Rebrand Rhythm Hub to Rhythm Connect - Update wallet connect to support authentication with wallet signing.

Update Rhythm.CC website user interface.

Release RhythmV2 - UI update, Listen2Earn release, Shill2Earn release, Extension support, Brand new Adblock, and much more!

NFT Profile Picture support (Premium).

Turn your playlist into an NFT playlist (Premium).

Enable Rhythm Music Content Moderation & Rewards (Artist Pass).

Enable Rhythm Reward claiming.

Release community created playlists page.

Move Rhythm out of Beta.

Enable Rhythm Fiat / Crypto premium subscriptions.

Phase 3

Release "Partner with us" on the Rhythm Hub website. Tokens can apply for a partnership.
Projects we partner with will have their token added as an accepted currency for Rhythm premium.
Popular projects will also receive wallet holder perks for promoting the Rhythm ecosystem.

Fiat Buy

First group of partnered artists announced

Release third Rhythm reward

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Frequently Asked Questions

Rhythm Music is a free desktop music player powered by YouTube. Rhythm turns YouTube into a fun, easy to use music streaming platform.

Users can search through YouTube's collection of over 100 million songs and podcasts. Users can create playlists, sync their music between their Google and Rhythm account to access their music on the YouTube Music app on their IOS / Android devices.

The team behind Rhythm were all born and currently reside in New Zealand. BeatPlaylist LTD is a legally registered New Zealand company. We incorporated during 2017 and our company registration details can be found here

The minimum Windows requirements are Windows 7 and later. The minimum macOS requirements are macOS 10.11 and later.

Mobile and Linux coming in the future.

Rhythm uses an embedded web-browser which connects to YouTube. When a non-premium user plays a video, YouTube may display a video advert, which will be automatically skipped after 5 seconds if a skip option is available.

Artists will receive revenue based on the advertising generated by their video. Artists are paid by Google and Rhythm does not make any advertising revenue from YouTube videos.

We have goals to bring Rhythm to Mobile, TV, and Car.

For now, users can link their Google account to Rhythm, which will sync their playlists with their Google account, giving users the ability to stream music on their mobile devices using the YouTube Music app.

We currently release a minimum of one update per month, which can contain bug fixes, improvements and new features. You can view patch notes here

Yes! Think of Rhythm as an upgraded / styled Google Chrome browser. It's as simple as that. We turn a Chrome Browser, into a full music streaming platform.

Business: [email protected]

General Support / Bug Issues: [email protected]